The Indian Orthodox Church is also known as Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, a Church founded by St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, who came to India in A.D. 52. St. Gregorios Church London is the first parish church of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in the United Kingdom. and it is the mother church of all other parishes and congregations in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Our mission is to the people of Indian origin in the British Isles, and though we are completely Orthodox in our faith and practice, we remain Indian in our ethos and in our appreciation of the Orthodox heritage. The Malanakara Orthodox Church, as part of the Oriental Orthodox family of Churches, is in communion with the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Eritrean Orthodox Church.But we also warmly welcome all who wish to worship and learn with us, whatever their culture.


He was 'Man with a Mission' , who taught us that there is no 'Mission Impossible' other than within our thinking. He proved the power of positive approach. His life will be an inspiration to every human. He showed that an ordinary child from a village with local schooling can reach the highest position in the world. We did see piety, devotion, faith, discipline, humility, respect, obedience, simplicity, honesty and selflessness work miracles in the present world! Kalam was ignited intellectually by his local teacher, not by an international motivation guru. He was guided by the life and examples of his parents and grandparents, not by any celebrity. He was spiritually nourished by classic Dravidic writings like 'Thirukural' and other old books of wisdom, not by charismatic sermons or by new generation movements.

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  • There will not be service at Blackfriars on Sunday the 30th Aug 2015