The Indian Orthodox Church is also known as Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, a Church founded by St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, who came to India in A.D. 52. St. Gregorios Church London is the first parish church of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in the United Kingdom. and it is the mother church of all other parishes and congregations in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Our mission is to the people of Indian origin in the British Isles, and though we are completely Orthodox in our faith and practice, we remain Indian in our ethos and in our appreciation of the Orthodox heritage. The Malanakara Orthodox Church, as part of the Oriental Orthodox family of Churches, is in communion with the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Eritrean Orthodox Church.But we also warmly welcome all who wish to worship and learn with us, whatever their culture.


Talents for Christ ! Today is the Diocesan Sunday School Talent Competition to be held at Brockley at 09:30 am. More than hundred participants from all three zones shall present their music and elocution skills on stage. HG Dr Yuhanon Mar Meletius Metropolitan will be our chief guest. Our Diocesan Metropolitan HG Dr Mathews Mar Thimothios will be present to lead the event. The whole event would say, " Talents of our children are for God's glory !" May I request you all to pray for the event and come to church to give voluntary assistance wherever it would be necessary. Being the host, it is our responsibility to look after every guest and participant. Let it be a festival of talents and hospitality !
Feast of the Cross September 14 is the Feast of the Cross. According to tradition, it is the remembrance of retrieving the Cross of Jesus on which He was nailed and hung. Queen Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine, lead a group to the Holy City to find the Cross of Christ which was lost on the heights of Calvary. They spotted many wooden pieces and when a piece touched a dead body, that person got back to life ! Thus the real cross was identified and brought to the city. It was Emperor Constantine who legalised Christianity. Read more...

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  • There will be Sunday services at both St.Andrew-By-The-Wardrobe church, Blackfriars and St.Gregorios church, Brockley on 14 Sept 2014
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