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Greetings to dear brothers and sisters From Vicar Rev. Fr. Abraham Thomas

 Address:Cranfield Road, Brockley, London SE4 1UF Tel:02086919456

30/6/07 St. Thomas Day Celebrations

7&8 July OVBS


St.Gregorios Church, Cranfield   Road, London SE4 1UF

St. Andrew- by- the- Wardrobe Church, London EC4

Christopher Wren (1685-95)  rebuilt this beautiful church, following the great fire of London. Late Rev Fr. K.A. George by his relentless effort secured this Anglican Church from the generous Lord Bishop of London and H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews I sanctified and celebrated Holy Liturgy in July 1978.

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St. John's Orthodox Church , Moolankav, Sultan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala .

 We have sponsored the complete construction coast of the Church, which is a very backward, underdeveloped part of Wayanad, Malabar. Kerala.


Please log on to the link see IOC Summer Ball  

Please log on to the link see IOC Summer Ball

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For the benefit of our young children please give them the chance to participate and enjoy the regular interaction that the Sunday school provides.
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Congratulations on the birth of:

Baby boy to Anil Mathew &  Reshma on the 11th August,2006

Twin baby girls Riya & Ryana to Sarita & Saiju  on 2nd March 2006

Baby girl to Jolley Kurien & Sonia on 10th November 2005

Baby boy( Jeffrey) to Jacob & Beena on the 9th September2005

Baby boy to shaji & Mincy on 9th September2005

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Varghese Mathew (Sibi) & Tincy Abraham  5th Feb. 07

Dr. Philip Alexander & Chinnu Abraham 1st Jan. 07

Sonya (d/o Dr.G.P. Abraham & Laila) Jeeth 28th August 2006

Mano & Naomi 19th August 2006

Anila (d/o Dr.georgekutty& Elizabeth) & Jay 20th May 2006

Mathai Philip & Liya 2nd Jan.06 


Take active participation in the events organized and be part of the church. It is clear that we need to build a strong future for our children. To do this we need everyone's support.

Now that our membership is increasing it is definitely becoming a challenge each week for the St Mary's League to cater for the refreshments each week. in both places.
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Brief History of the Parish

The roots of this parish could be traced back to the 1930s. Abu Alexios of the Bethany monastery (later Bishop Mar Theodosius) was the first priest of our church ever to visit UK. This visit was made possible by the tireless efforts of Prof. A. M. Varki of Alwaye, as a member of the 'mission of fellowship to England and Ireland' sponsored by the National Christian Council of India. With the help and cooperation of people like Dr.William Paton, Cannon John Douglas and others, formed an association called 'The Friends of the Syrian Church' to render help to this ancient church in India by offering higher theological training. The first candidate thus chosen was Abu Alxios, participated in the Jubilee celebrations of the Community of Resurrection, Mirfield and made connections with several religious communities in UK.

The second priest who came to UK under this program was Rev.Fr.T.V.John of UC College Alwaye in 1934. He conducted Holy Qurbana in Malayalam in Kings College chapel and several others came to UK under this program.

The important milestone in the history was the visit of H.H The Catholicos Baselios Mar Geverghese II in 1937, accompanied the very Rev.Rambans C.M.Thoma (later Metropolitan Mar Dionysius) and Abu Alexios to participate in the second "Faith and Order Conference" of World Council of Churches in Edinburgh. After the conference Ramban C.M.Thoma stayed with the Cowley fathers for studies in Oxford and conducted services.

In the 1950s and 60s the Malayalee Christian community had grown gradually, however, services were held only occasionally by visiting priests and prelates. They include Metropolitan Mathews Mar Coorilos (present catholicos H.H.Moran Mar Baselios Marthomma Mathews II) Rev.Fr.K Philipose ( late metropolitan Mar Theophilus) Rev.Fr.Dr.C.T.Eapen, Rev.Fr.P.S.Samuel, and others.

Rev.Fr.P.V.Joseph (late Mar Pachomios), Rev.Fr.Yohannan (late metropolitan Mar Athanasius) came to UK for higher studies and served the community. Rev.Fr. Philipose visited the congregation on several occasions during his trips to Europe in connection with the various programs of the World Council of Churches. Even after his enthronement as bishop Mar Theophilus, his grace continued his adorable interest in the community.

Rev.Dn. K.G.George (now bishop Geverghese Mar Ivanios) followed the footsteps and stayed with Cawley Fathers in Oxford for six years giving invaluable service to the community. All these years services were conducted in Indian YMCA chapel, Fitzroy Square, London and all the Malayalee Christians participated irrespective of their denominational differences.

In early 1970s H.G. Geverghese Mar Osthathios organized the St. Gregorios fellowship during one his pastoral visits.

It is one of life's little ironies that when the community grew in size with the arrival of more migrants, in 1974, the inevitable segregation on denominational basis happened. Members of Orthodox Syrian Church and Marthoma Church formed separate congregations and commenced worshiping separately.

The year 1976 is another important milestone in the history of the church. When the diocese outside Kerala was re-organized, this church was under Bombay diocese and the then diocesan metropolitan H.G.Dr.Thomas Mar Makarios visited us and declared as a parish: -St.Gregorios of Parumala as our patron saint. Rev.Fr.Abraham Aluckal (now bishop Mar Severios) was appointed as the first vicar of the parish. In the 1979 re-organization of the dioceses, London parish came under the diocese of Delhi and had the privilege of pastoral care of eminent scholar late H.G.Dr.Paulos Mar Gregorios who visited the parish on a regular basis. This prelude of the history of the parish can not be complete with out the names of Rev.Fr.Mathews M.Daniel, H.G.Philipose Mar Eusebius, Late Ver.Rev.Kuriakose Cor-Episcopa, Rev.Fr.O.Thomas, H.G.Geverghese Mar Coorilose, Rev.Fr.V.M.James, Rev.Fr.Thomas Yohannan, Rev.Fr.M.S.Skariah,who served in succession as vicars of the parish, bringing new life and vitality. When the new diocese of Europe,UK and Canada was formed in 1993, this parish came under the jurisdiction of an elite in the Malankara Orthodox Church,

.           H.G. Dr.Thomas Mar Makarios

It can only be a gift of Grace that this parish greatly privileged by getting the services of the outstanding priests who rose to higher ecclesiastical positions.

We have been fortunate to have our service in the heart of the great city Of London since 1978 on all Sundays in the beautiful St. Andrew-by-the- wardrobe Church by the generosity of Church of England. 

We are fostering a culture of excellence within our church and ever since the parish was formed we had a dream of having our own church which we achieved in 2002. We have now our own property and we are proud that this is the first church in UK and all Europe.

The dedication and consecration ceremony was conducted by H.G. Dr. Thomas  Mar Makarios , the diocesan bishop on the 1st January 2005.